Smoking and dual use

You can harness the power of the integrated platform including web, text, chat and phone – or – you can add a standalone product to round out your offering. Either way, we can help.


The Amira Health Platform includes a variety of tools to make the experience interactive, relatable and timely. Providing content in an engaging way promotes learning and increases time on site. Sample tools include:

  • Account creation
  • Addiction evaluation
  • Calculators
  • Certificates
  • Evaluation (date-based)
  • Feed (forum, inspiration, advice)
  • Polls, quizzes and contests
  • Scheduled email & text tips
  • Trackers


What's important is the connection with the individual, not the medium used, but sometimes the right medium is needed for the conversation to commence. We'll meet you where you are most comfortable:

  • Web
  • Text
  • Chat
  • Video
  • Voice


Amira Health makes it easy for you to manage your own program. Our intuitive and empowering platform allows you to do almost anything. Create newsletters, add text messages, develop lists and more. A few good things to know:

  • Compliant data storage
  • Integrated drag & drop image and file management
  • Multilingual ability for all program aspects
  • Role access assignment
  • Advanced search / database query
  • Targeted Newsletter & text messaging


The Amira Health Platform is an effective and intuitive system for collecting data, performing searches and generating reports. The ability to report from a central system on the various service offerings is empowering. You can readily see things like:

  • Which programs and services are accessed most
  • How many members have signed up over a given period
  • Where, geographically, are people coming from?

Amira Health delivers comprehensive reporting

  • Central reporting: web, text, chat
  • Monthly, quarterly, yearly
  • Fiscal comparisons
  • Year to date
  • Graphs, charts and more