Talking things through with a professional can help members re-connect with their reasons for quitting and get key insights that help them stick to it.

Dialed in

Our phone offering is fully integrated into the platform. This integration creates operator efficiencies in addition to a seamless member experience.

Our coaches, our system

No coaches? No system? No worries. Amira Health has a network of professionals who are able to deliver phone support 24 / 7 support in a multitude of languages. We'll work with you to determine your system requirements, anticipated call volume and the hours of availability for support.

Your coaches, our system

We will work with you to customize your call workflow. Coaches log in to the Amira Health Platform and all call tracking takes place within the system. Operators can also be assigned to departments so that your members get to the right coach for their specific challenge.

It's all on you

Have your own call centre? That works too. Amira Health will work with your IT team to facilitate a seamless and secure collection and hand-off of relevant member data to facilitate calls. Data is shared in real-time to ensure the end-user experience is informed and accurate.