Web Management

Amira has more than fourteen years of web development, programming and design experience. We put this knowledge to work to ensure all aspects of the program, from backend to frontend, have the best possible user experience.
  • Design

    Amira delivers a tailored experience. We make users feel at home and help extend your organization's brand. We will review existing brand collateral and adjust accordingly. Positive user experiences set you, and Amira, apart from other providers, and create an environment for user success.
  • Content Management

    Amira comes with a robust and intuitive content management system (CMS) so you can readily add, edit and delete content. Our CMS empowers you to manage everything from blogs to forums to image libraries, advanced searches and SEO settings. If you can see it the chances are you can edit it too.
  • eNewsletter

    The Amira eNews is intuitive, integrated, and effective. Correspondence is consistent, branded and accessible. Delivering tailored content is a snap, just save a search in the enrolment database then use that search to send a targeted message.