Phone Integration

Whether you have your own phone provider or are looking for a recommendation, Amira can help, and will ensure a seamless and secure end user experience.
  • Information Sharing

    Information is securely shared between service providers on a strict "need to know" basis. In compliance with PIPA* regulations, only information required for service delivery is shared.

    * PIPA or Personal Information Protection Act is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. It governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information.

  • Cross Service Connectivity

    Data is shared in near real-time to ensure the end user experience is as informed as possible. If a user changes his or her quit date online this information is passed along to phone operators. This demonstrates service connectivity and continuity.
  • Operator Options

    Bring your own phone provider or talk to us about a referral. Amira has partnered with leading phone professionals who deliver 24 / 7 support in more than 130 languages. These operators are professionally trained, compassionate and experienced. They can manage scheduled calls, support calls, chat requests and forum moderation.