Our chat feature enables coaches to connect with members in the way that's most comfortable for them. This helps the coach build trust and provide support while the member increases their chances of achieving their goals by reaching out for help.

No talk, all action

Chat is a popular option for those wanting the benefits of connecting with a coach, without having to actually speak to them. This is especially relevant for younger audiences that prefer to type rather than talk.

Web-based chat

Connecting with a coach is easy. After signing in to your site, members can click on the "Live chat" button to start their private conversation. Members are prompted to select a department and are all set to talk to the next available coach.


Members on their devices can text CHAT to connect with a coach and start a live message stream. All chats come through to the same operator console as the web chat, which creates operator efficiencies and ensures consistent advice is provided.

Chat management

Program managers can easily add coaches, create departments and develop common responses for their team to use. The chat console provides a schedule, history, overview and reports that are all intuitive and easy-to-use.



All chat requests, regardless of the starting medium, come to a centralized operator window. This creates significant operating and reporting efficiencies. Amira Chat includes the ability to:

  • Display a public facing widget to indicate service availability and initiate chat requests
  • Create departments (support areas) which will filter to the assigned operator
  • Schedule calls and automated reminders
  • Set “common responses” to facilitate consistent and expedient replies to frequently asked questions
  • Establish operator profiles
  • View chat logs: date, wait time, call duration, initiated by, answered by, origin (web or SMS) and the ability to view transcripts