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We've been using the Sparks MHP for a year and have nothing but glowing reviews from our entire team. As the individual overseeing HR at Certn, I love knowing that our staff is supported and receiving help when they need it most. I would recommend the program to anyone that values the mental well-being of their team and looking to create a healthy work environment.
At Semaphore Solutions, we believe in creating the best possible environment for our employees to thrive and excel, both as professionals and individuals in the community. By partnering with Amira Health, our employees' mental health is supported in a meaningful way that far exceeds the services provided through a typical EAP. The resulting benefit has been improved well-being for our employees and their families, which translates directly into a workplace that is positive and engaged.
I can’t even put into words how much this service has helped me. This is by far the most valuable thing any company could ever provide for their employees.
[My counsellor] has been an incredible mental health counsellor and resource. I am doing work within that I've hoped to do my entire life without knowing how, and with her guidance I've been able to get to the heart of what's going on, and create a game plan to actively work towards my healing of past, present, and the future I imagine.
I think [my counsellor] was incredibly easy to talk to, very resourceful and helpful, and I would 100% recommend those around me to use this service. Big shout out to [my counsellor]- she's helped me grow and feel better about myself personally, professionally and I'm extremely thankful for that.
[My counsellor] is compassionate, empathetic and amazing at her job. I’ve been to 3 therapists before her in my life, and none of them have understand my situation and given me coping skills like she has. I feel like I’ve made several breakthroughs in my healing process because of my work with her.
[My counsellor] was an incredible person to talk to, she’s super supportive kind and caring I always really enjoy talking to her. she’s helped me come up with many strategies for my anxiety and depressed feelings. She made me feel able to open up to her and opening up is usually a difficult thing for me but with her it felt so simple. It was really nice to even just have someone listen. I truly can’t think of anything negative that happened in my personal experience.
[My counsellor] helped me in ways I didn't think were possible. She provided tools, explanations, and strategies to face the tough stuff. I'm so grateful for her and my new outlook.
From the first steps to now it has been a very pleasant experience! Bravo!
[My counsellor] was such an excellent counsellor and a really great fit for me. She helped me in so many ways but her honest and direct approach worked really well for me. She is an excellent listener but also communicated with me in a clear manner that was easily digestible. A big thank you to [my counsellor] and Amira Health!
[My counsellor] was very understanding and patient with me. She is the first counsellor I have spoken to, but I finally felt like I had someone who would actually listen to me. She's been a great help! Thank you for this program - it's been amazing and I wouldn't have spoken to a counsellor otherwise.
[My counsellor] was great! He was really down to the Earth and easy to talk to. He helped me deal with many issues that I had in a short amount of time.
[My counsellor] is a phenomenal counselor. I have tried therapy multiple times and have never felt like it was 'successful' or that it made a difference. With [my counsellor], I can list the ways that things are improved, tangible real world outcomes and I feel like, even though there is still more work to be done, she will get us there.
[My counsellor] helped me getting along better with my oldest son. She gave me good techniques and a better understanding on how to improve relationships. The program is great.
[My counsellor] has been amazing. Helped me through a lot of different issues and it has made a clear and very apparent switch in my happiness and overall well being. He recognized it as well. I can not thank him enough.
[My counsellor] is excellent as a couples counsellor. We have seen several others and she is by far the most skilled and helpful we have ever had. Very grateful for this opportunity through our work.
I was nervous to reach out first. But, the onboarding was very smooth and everything went great. That made me comfortable.
[My counsellor] provided the space and guidance to help me progress on my healing journey. She is engaged, insightful, gentle, and kind. I feel very fortunate to be working with her.
I am so thankful for Amira Health. Your services have been so incredibly helpful during the difficult period I was going through. I am very happy with [my counsellor].
[My counsellor] is simply wonderful - I could not have hoped for a better experience with a counsellor! I am looking forward to continuing sessions with her and am so grateful that Amira paired me with her.