The Amira Health Platform unifies all service offerings into a cohesive unit, extending its reach from online content creation to service delivery scheduling.


Amira integrates services, securely, to provide users with the best possible service and opportunity for success. From account creation through story sharing the experience is consistent and engaging. Tools include:

  • Account creation
  • Addiction evaluation
  • Calculate your savings
  • Forum
  • How smoking affects your body
  • How your body heals
  • Milestones
  • Newsletter
  • Opinion polls
  • Quizzes
  • Referral form


The member area brings together everything needed to shape a successful quit. From community feedback to date-based statistics and messaging the member area will help members gain meaningful understanding about why they smoke and how to become smoke-free.

  • Feed
  • Profile
  • Checklist
  • Tobacco tracker
  • Certificates
  • Manage setbacks
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Quit confirmation
  • Reset password


The Amira Control Centre is to program managers what the quit plan is to members. Managers with the appropriate role access have powerful tools and insights at their disposal including:

  • Navigation
  • Image and file libraries
  • User database
  • Chat
  • Email tips
  • Evaluation
  • Notifications
  • Text program