Text Support

The Amira text program is fully integrated into the Amira Health Platform and empowers you to readily manage the program. Members can join online or by shortcode and the program delivers date and keyword based messages.
  • Premium Shortcode

    Share our premium 123456 shortcode and save more than $850 per month. In the event you have your own shortcode we can accommodate that too.
  • Date Based Messages

    Date-based texts are scheduled and automatically sent based on a member’s quit date. Members receive one to three messages per day depending on where they are in their quit journey. Quit dates can be easily changed online or using keywords, and the text scheduling is accordingly adjusted.
  • Keyword Based Messages

    Keyword based messages enable members to text on their terms in a time of need. Common keywords may include: CRAVE, HUNGER, ALCOHOL, STRESS and SLIP. Any given keyword has between one and twenty possible associated messages. Each message can only be received once until all associated messages have been received.
  • Interactive Messages

    The Amira texting program features the ability to connect with an individual and register the individual's feedback in a two-way dialogue. As part of the program, a user will receive messages such as “how are your cravings today?” with a number of possible responses such as “good, so-so, bad”. Depending on the response, different supportive texts are returned.
  • Self Managed

    The Amira Health Platform enables you to edit, add and delete date-based and keyword messages. Add keywords, change up the program length or add specific topics. It is up to you so long as you can say it in 160 characters or less.