Program Management

Amira works with you to leverage the Amira Health Platform to exceed your business and user objectives.
  • Strategic Planning

    Amira brings an abundance of experience to your project. We have worked on hundreds of projects since 1999 and apply this extensive knowledge to understand your platform architecture needs, technical requirements and user experience expectations.
  • Social Analytics

    Understanding how users come to the platform and engage with available offerings is essential. The goal at Amira is to be more than a platform, we want to support a community. Together we need to create awareness, drive traffic and above all listen.
  • Reporting

    The Amira Health Platform is an effective and intuitive system for collecting data, conducting searches and generating reports. The ability to report from a central system on the various service offerings is informative and empowering. Our comprehensive monthly reports cover registration, services, activity, demographics and smoking history.
  • Admin Gateway

    Site administrators require insight, information and access. Amira provides this through advanced searches, timed content delivery, detailed reporting, content control and more. The Admin Gateway is to site administrators what My Quit Centre is to end-users.