Online Tools

Amira delivers an intuitive, tailored and engaging online feature set for users and administrators. It is the hub that connects all services, members, content, data and reporting.
  • Account Creation

    Amira has made joining simple and inviting. Our form adapts to user input to ensure only relevant questions are asked and all information is stored against the individual’s MDS* dataset. We have also provided an option to join with Facebook.

    * The Minimal Data Set, or "MDS", is a standardized set of intake and follow-up questions asked by all publicly funded quitlines in North America

  • My Quit Centre

    Upon joining a user lands on “My Quit Centre”, the user’s personalized dashboard. This page holds notifications, profile information, quit plan information, service options, forum topics, opinion polls and more. Anything of importance is readily accessible from this one page. My Quit Centre is the springboard to all aspects of a user’s quit journey.
  • eMail Tips

    When members register for this popular service they receive personalized email support based on their quit date. These messages are designed to support and motivate a range of users from those planning to quit to those who have already quit.
  • Quit Plan

    This module enables members to create a personalized quit plan. There are steps established to coincide with different stages of the quitting process, from setting a quit date to dealing with setbacks to celebrating milestones.
  • Certificates

    Quit certificates enable members to acknowledge their achievements by downloading personalized quit certificates. A PDF is auto generated and includes the member's name and achievements to date.
  • Calculate Your Savings

    Saving money can be a powerful motivator to quit smoking. The savings tool provides users with financial insight to encourage quitting. Costs are provided in various increments so users can see big picture savings.
  • Addictions Quiz

    This quiz helps users assess their level of addiction. The Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence asks six questions to assess smoking dependence. Results are presented on-screen along with advice on what to expect and options to consider.
  • Community Forum

    The forum provides an excellent rallying point for the quit community to seek support and come together. While anyone can view (to encourage joining), only members have the opportunity to set topics and post comments. Amira makes it easy to participate and allows moderators to readily post new categories and delete comments.
  • Referral Form

    The referral form provides healthcare professionals with a convenient way to make online referrals. Repeat referrers can request their information to be entered into the system to expedite the referral process.