Finding the right words to explain sensitive subjects can be tricky. Let our clinical founder, Dr. Jillian Roberts, help make those big ‘first talks’ a success with age-appropriate language and beautiful illustrations.
Just Enough Series
EBook Bundle

An engaging introduction for very young children to the topics of reproduction, diversity, death, and separation and divorce in a way that is gentle, age-appropriate and accessible. Child psychologist Dr. Jillian Roberts created the Just Enough series to help parents and caregivers approach difficult subjects with little ones. These primers offer an accessible starting point for conversations about important topics using questions posed in a child’s voice and answers that start simply and become more in-depth, these books allow adults to guide the conversation to a natural and reassuring conclusion.

This ebook bundle includes the entire Just Enough series

Where Do Babies Come From?
What Happens When a Loved One Dies?
Why Do Families Change?

What Makes Us Unique?

"This no-nonsense guide is here to save the day with straightforward, age-appropriate information." —Booklist

"A boon for families with young children." —Kirkus Reviews

"This is a great starting point for parents and caregivers who might need a bit of help knowing how much to tell little ones." —Quill & Quire

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