Workplace mental health

Supporting your team's mental health with resilience-based care empowers your leadership, your employees and their families to overcome adversity and to thrive.

Companies that provide meaningful mental health support programs are boosting productivity, inspiring employee engagement and cultivating courageous workplaces that retain talented team members. The positive ROI on employee mental health care is now better understood than ever before, paying off for your team AND your bottom line.

Sparks Mental Health Program

Amira Health offers award-winning counselling and coaching services to guide and inspire positive change in your team and their families.

Our program has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, which is a world class standard. 78% of our program survey respondents said that their mental health was better because of our program. We are committed to providing effective, evidence-based solutions for our members' challenges, increasing the chances of a positive outcome for them.

Through your corporate subscription, your team and their families receive:

  • 12 Counselling and/or coaching sessions via video, chat, phone or in-person that can used by the employee and/or shared with eligible family members
  • Monthly group seminars
  • Online access to activities, courses and resources
  • Monthly newsletters
  • One legal consult
  • One financial consult
  • Onboarding information

Our team of highly-skilled and diverse counsellors will provide your employees and their families with the high-quality mental health services they need to adapt to our rapidly changing world.

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Counselling and coaching

If you're not ready to commit to a full mental health program for your organization, or you need support with a more complex long-term situation, our team of compassionate counsellors and coaches is also available by the session. Our Clinical Director thoughtfully matches each client with their counsellor based on their clinical needs to help ensure that counselling is effective and resolved in a timely manner whenever possible.

In addition to one-on-one counselling, our team also provides:

  • Employee development coaching
  • Layoff & restructuring support
  • Return to Work assessments

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Workshops & webinars

We offer webinars, workshops and custom presentations to meet your company’s specific mental health needs. Presenting mental wellness programming in your workplace signals that you're creating a culture of psychological safety, that you recognize the challenges your team is facing and are committed to helping overcome them together.

  • Resilience Training for Leaders workshop
  • Mental Wellness First Aid workshop
  • Staying Productive from Home webinar
  • Tackling Biases in Your Personal & Professional Life webinar
  • Creating a High-Performance Life webinar
  • Changing Your Relationship with Anxiety webinar
  • Creating Financial Wellness to Support Your Mental Health webinar

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Crisis management

When a crisis strikes your team it can be hard to know what to do and how to do it – all while coping with your own emotional response. Our support is customized to the specific needs in each crisis and can include:

  • Step-by-step leadership guidance and support
  • On-site counselling for your team
  • Post-crisis followup sessions as needed

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