• Connected

    Our objective is to make the service experience as rewarding and seamless as possible for the end user. We want users to look at the various services as an umbrella of offerings, not stand-alone units. This gives users the greatest chance of success, and provides site administrators with the best reporting metrics.
  • Branded

    Amira recognizes the importance in business of delivering a unified brand. We help extend your brand and awareness, and present a consolidated feel to the end user.
  • Compliant

    Amira is MDS compliant*, data compliant and private. While the Amira Health Platform collects individual and service-related data for all aspects of program delivery, information is only shared on a need-to-know basis.

    *The Minimal Data Set, or "MDS", is a standardized set of intake and follow-up questions
    asked by all publicly funded quitlines in North America.

  • Secure

    Amira recognizes the importance of security and has numerous hardware and software solutions in place to meet and exceed requirements. We have passed external Privacy Impact Assessment audits to ensure FIPPA* and PIPA* compliance.

    * FIPPA or Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act provides a right of access to records held by public bodies and regulates how public bodies manage personal information.

    * PIPA or Personal Information Protection Act is a Canadian law relating to data privacy. It governs how private sector organizations collect, use and disclose personal information.

  • Optimized

    Amira is ready when you are – ready for mobile, ready for phones, ready for social media and ready for search engines. Scripts are in place; keywords and search strings have been poured over; data is available for collection and reporting.
  • Insightful

    Amira offers a holistic view of all connected programs from one central location. Our extensive monthly reports are full of visual pie, bar and line graphs to help you see information at a glance. Our reports collect more than 50 statistics covering registration, services, activity, demographics and smoking history. If you are looking for more, you can access our advanced search at any time, not to mention Google Analytics.