How to use joy to improve your life
Rather than focusing so much on the source of a problem, it can be helpful to shift the focus to what we’re really great at and what is working for us. A key component here is to boost the amount of joy we experience regularly in our lives. Read on to learn why.
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Is it time for a "sober curious" reset?
Across our mental health program, more and more people are questioning their relationship with alcohol and whether it still serves them - or they serve it. Learn more about the "sober curious" movement and the value of making time to think about your thoughts.
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May member webinars
Each month you and your eligible family members have access to free mental wellness webinars - this month we're offering a new Sober Curious peer group, as well Guided Meditation and Coping with Anxiety. Just sign in on your member platform to learn more and book as many as you like!
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Reach out for support
Our friendly intake team is here to help you with your mental wellness challenges. Our compassionate counsellors can work with you to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more.
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