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As the days start to cool and the nights draw in earlier you can feel and see Mother Nature beginning to take a pause. It may be a time for you to also slow down and do some inner reflection. As you quieten you might be feeling pretty content or perhaps you're feeling a little anxious about how the winter months may affect you. Come book a mental health tune-up with Amira Health to stave off any winter blues. 

A compassion reset for #WorldKindnessDay
November 13th was #WorldKindnessDay but we encourage you to act kindly every day. Take a moment to reflect on simple reminders of how we can all be kinder to ourselves and others. As someone once said: if you can be anything in this world, be kind.
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Supporting someone who is thinking of suicide
This is a tough topic but we're unfortunately seeing more suicidality. There are a variety of reasons why you might suspect that someone you know might be thinking of suicide. Here is some advice to help.
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Mental health tune-up time?
Our fantastic counselling team is here to help you be your best self. You don't need to be super depressed or have multiple issues you need to work through to book in with a coach or counsellor. You could just need someone to talk to. We're here for you in whatever way you need.
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