Using meditation during times of uncertainty
Meditation is meant to be a tool to help us get better at living. It's when life becomes uncertain and the ground feels shaky, that the cultivation of this space deep within ourselves offers a steady and calm refuge that we can retreat to whenever we wish.
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Relying on substances?
As we deal with unfamiliar situations and stressors, we’ve had to seek out alternative ways to adapt or respond. While increased substance use may provide short-term relief from stress or loneliness, it's not a healthy habit and usually does more harm than good.
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Try a morning meditation routine
Meditation first thing in the morning allows you to “clear out” anything weighing on you from the day before, so that you can start the day anew. Morning meditation can be a challenge for some, but you will feel the lasting benefits throughout your entire day. We have a few simple ways to begin.
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Reach out for support
Our friendly intake team is here to help you with your mental wellness challenges. Our compassionate counsellors can work with you to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more.
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