4 ways to prevent burnout
If we weren’t there already, a lot of us are starting to hit a major “pandemic wall.” This could feel eerily similar to burnout in a lot of ways, including emotional, physical, and/or mental exhaustion, low motivation, depressed mood, and anxiety. Learn some ways to actively prevent burnout right here.
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Is perfectionism a strength?
Despite its positive perception, perfectionism is often a maladaptive (or harmful) coping mechanism developed in response to trauma or learned from a parent or caregiver. From the outside, one might see a hardworking go-getter, but living with perfectionism can be exhausting and can even stand in the way of your personal growth and success. Here's what you can do to help keep it in check.
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Common ADHD misconceptions
Despite its prevalence and decades of research, ADHD is still widely misunderstood. An important part of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues is deepening our understanding of them and, by extension, the people who live with them. Here are some important things that those with ADHD in your life may appreciate you understanding.
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Compassionate private therapy
Finding the right counsellor on your own can be stressful. We take out the guesswork by matching you with a counsellor who can help you tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. We offer counselling and coaching for adults, children, teens, couples and families via secure video, chat or phone sessions.
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