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Grab a hot drink and claim a cozy spot. We invite you to spend some time with us to learn how to be a better ally and how to recognize the good in your life. A quick click to counselling with us is below in case you need to let go of some things...
Taking allyship to Indigenous Peoples and communities beyond September 30th
Like most nations, Canada’s relationship with Indigenous Peoples and communities is a long and complex story of trauma, oppression, violence, and cruelty beyond September 30th. It is essential that we continue to take ongoing steps towards reparations and reconciliation.
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The gratitude reminders we all need
We don’t need to tell you that it has been quite the year. There has been non-stop change, shifting culture, economic instability, and global tragedy. We’ve all felt burnt out, stressed, and apathetic at times. But we’ve also had moments of joy, of connection, and of relief.
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Ways you can fight mental illness stigma, starting today
1 in 5 Canadians will cope with a mental illness in their lifetime. While as a society we’ve made leaps and bounds of progress in understanding mental health and making caring for it accepted and encouraged, we’ve still got a long way to go.
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Thinking about taking better care of your whole self? Our compassionate counsellors will work with you to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, feelings of languishing, relationship issues and more. Start your journey to mental wellness. Log in and request a session.
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