September Member Issue

This month can often bring a sense of new beginnings and a desire to organize. Those old 'back-to-school' feelings are ingrained! But, perhaps as the air starts to cool and the leaves turn autumnal, you may be lacking the kind of energy you usually have a
Here's what to do when you just "hit a wall"
Sometimes we might feel like we just “hit a wall.” Whether this is mentally or physically - or often both - there are times in our lives where we just don’t know (or care) which way is up. Here are some tips on what to do when we feel this way.
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Easy ways to be a better listener
If there is a single universal skill we’d all benefit from consistently improving at, it’s the ability to listen. Being an effective listener is essential for building and maintaining fulfilling, successful relationships and overall lives.
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Making the most of our 'ever adaptive' new normal
Join us in this live webinar as we dig into the hot topic of ‘languishing,’ setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, and how we can bring forward the ‘pandemic traditions’ we actually enjoyed. We’ll discuss the importance of extra empathy and patience for others during this time and finally, how we can start to close this chapter and move forward.
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Time for a mental health tune up?
Thinking about taking better care of your whole self? Our compassionate counsellors will work with you to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, feelings of languishing, relationship issues and more. Start your journey to mental wellness. Log in and request a session.
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Meditate with us
Each month you and your eligible family members have access to free weekly meditations courtesy of Join Hayley for 20 minutes and help quieten your mind. Just sign in and book as many as you like!
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