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Have you noticed the festive lights adorning balconies, gardens and homes? The colourful twinkle in the dark afternoons and evenings is bringing us delight. We hope the same for you. Enjoy the slower pace the end of this month bring - recalibrate and reflect. If you're travelling this holiday season, we wish you a safe and smooth trip with not too many Covid-19 restrictions. Here's to a happy, healthy holiday season full of rest, relaxation, joy, and connection.

4 lessons we're bringing into 2022
New year's don't have to be full of resolutions. With 2022 just around the corner, we wanted to reflect on some major lessons we learned this year and what we'll take with us into the new one. 
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Feeling low? Simple ways to cope with depression
Wintertime (pandemic aside) can be a tough time for many. Considering layering year #2 of a global pandemic on top of that - woah. Whether you deal with seasonal depression, relatively infrequent “down” days, or cope with a formal major depression diagnosis - we’ve got some tips to lean on next time you’re struggling.
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Tips for staying sober this holiday season
In many minds, the holidays are a time for celebration and for treating yourself – not just with sugar cookies and gingerbread, but with mulled wine or rum and eggnog. Enduring prolonged periods of stress can lessen our resolve and lead us to indulge in habits that may not support mental wellness. We have some tips to help you stay on track.
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Does your child need a little support?
Life is complicated when you're growing up. Would your child or teenager benefit from some support from one of our skilled counsellors? They meet your child where they are at and are experts in helping young people flourish. Contact us to set up an appointment.
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