Can we really come out of COVID stronger than before?
It’s been proven that a huge percentage of us who go through traumatic experiences such as war violence or a pandemic actually come out on the other side with improved abilities to cope with life’s challenges when they arise in the future.
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Tapping into your emotions as a chronic overthinker
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) relies on the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. For those of us, though, that live predominantly in our heads, this kind of explaining away our emotions can easily morph into a regular habit of ignoring our emotions.
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This acronym may hold the key to happiness
Positive psychology is the idea that working towards true mental wellness requires us to find the “good” in our lives and focus on doing more of that, rather than only zeroing in on fixing problems. The acronym PERMA sums it right up - now let’s break down what it means.
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Reach out for support
Our friendly intake team is here to help you with your mental wellness challenges. Our compassionate counsellors can work with you to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more. We offer counselling and coaching for adults, children, teens, and couples via secure video, chat or phone sessions.
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