The Amira Health Platform has been delivering results since 2009. We deliver service to government clients and large institutions and businesses. Amira is proud of where we are, and thrilled about where we are going. Let's go there together.


Amira is constantly seeking new ways to engage and inspire. We keep a close eye on technology trends, security protocols and community feedback. Amira is driven by engagement and the corresponding results.

Your brand

Amira works with you to implement your brand identity. This goes way beyond a logo swap. We will integrate your colours, fonts and images as well as customizing the header and footer to match your brand assets. Need more? Let's talk.

Our technology

Amira uses the latest technologies to deliver outstanding user experiences. Our software is secure, fast and connected. From front-end design to React-based coding, Amira has the technology, people and passion deliver results.

Custom requirement?

As Amira is the designer, architect and craftsman of the Amira Health Platform we have the knowledge needed to get behind the boards and make changes as required. This might be an extra join form response or a dedicated section on vaping.