Ensuring the Amira Health Platform looks good on any device is essential. As such it is vital to have a clear site architecture, fast loading pages and compelling layouts that function well on desktop, tablet and mobile.

User first thinking

Amira Health realizes the influence that good UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) have on program success. Amira is very detail oriented and has a wealth of experience surrounding UX, UI and site architecture.

What really matters?

Starting with mobile-first designs encourages creative thinking about what really matters and how to display this in the most engaging way possible. The experience shapes the outcome.

Ready, set, go

You don't want to start from zero. Amira has a proven platform iteratively designed and developed over the past decade. Be responsive to your member needs and deliver results that will make a difference.

Bite sized please

Attention levels are low, distractions are high. Amira has spent considerable effort to achieve simplicity. Success requires depth of content without seeming overwhelming. Engage, excite, deliver.