First impressions matter. Amira makes a mark with the join form. This multi-page, mobile-first form goes beyond collecting account basics to getting a jump start on a quit plan that ensures the member is engaged from step one.


From forum participation through displaying comparative results in quizzes, Amira Health provides every opportunity to get involved and give back. Our role is to guide the user journey and help facilitate discussion and information sharing.


The feed delivers a stream of information about the member’s quit experience such as date-based tips, inspiration and certificates. The feed also pulls in community posts while encouraging members to get involved in the discussion.


The milestones page makes the quit real. See who is quitting with you as well as who has been-there, done-that. Quitting in a few days? Let's give them a shout-out. Quit for six months? Let's celebrate that achievement. Five years? Wow.


How do your views compare to others? Are the things that might prevent you from quitting the same fears others have? What can you learn from this? Let's start a discussion around this see what has worked for others and shape the outcome.