The Amira Health Platform has been in continuous development since 2009. Amira is the architect, designer and developer of the web, text and chat services. This connectivity creates unparalleled efficiencies and insights.


Amira knows if someone is a user or member. If not signed in (a user) a call to action is made to personalize their experience by joining. If a member goes to that same page the call to action is to review set criteria.


If a member has opted for Phone service (via web registration), the provider, if external to Amira, is notified and has all relevant data to make the initial call. Call information is then shared back to the platform as appropriate.


Amira integrates with social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. These mediums encourage interaction, awareness and discussion. As the communities grow, social media can be a great way to attract an audience and cross-pollinate discussion.


Amira delivers comprehensive monthly reports that span all connected programs from one central location. Amira Health monthly reports feature visual pie, bar and line graphs from more than 50 statistics covering registration, services, activity, demographics and smoking history.