Supported Browsers

Amira Health Platform sites require advanced browser technology typically provided in the most recent versions of popular browsers. Amira is designed to take advantage of the new features these browsers provide, as the intent is to deliver the best viewing and editing experience possible.

Supported browsers for the Amira Health Platform:

Minimum requirements for viewing

The most recent releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

On mobile we support the most recent releases of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Android and IOS and test on both tablets and phones.

Minimum requirements for editing

The most recent releases of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.

The following settings must be configured on browsers used for editing:

  • Cookies must be enabled to ensure your login functions.
  • JavaScript must be enabled to give you normal access to the site manager.
  • Avoid running programs that use block Javascript. This will include many anti-virus programs which use settings that can interfere with browser functions.
  • Beta versions of browsers will not be supported until they become fully released.

This information is subject to change with technology advancements.